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Summer/spring cleaning

Fresh. Clean. Clear. That’s what spring is supposed to feel like. More often, though, it feels cluttered, clogged, and grimy, whether it’s because of winter build-up or seasonal allergies. After the many layers of winter, most of us are ready to clean up and clear out come spring.

And that’s where The AS Professional Cleaning Services comes in.

This year, don’t tackle all of spring cleaning by yourself. Go ahead and organize your closets, donate your unused toys, and pare down your books, knick-knacks, and clutter. We’ll follow right behind you with a deep clean that makes the most of that beautiful free space—and gives the allergy-sufferers in your home some breathing room of their own.

You already lose an hour with Daylight Savings Time this spring—don’t lose any more cleaning. Call today for your free estimate 07856941167 or 07907728912